Arbitrator or Mediator for Oilfield, Engineering, Aeronautical disputes

Please see my paper about reducing the cost and time of arbitrating disputes. This was published by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in March 2021.

My priorities as an Arbitrator are:

  1. Produce a fair and enforceable Award within a reasonable timescale.
  2. Tailor the arbitration to balance the complexity and cost.
  3. Work proactively to keep to the agreed timetable.

The attributes contributing to my work as an Arbitrator and Expert are:

  • Being open minded and fair: I have investigated serious and sometimes complex incidents. I know that the evidence must lead the process, not confirm any early opinions of myself or others. The final findings will demonstrate my honest professional opinion with reasons.
  • Legal Knowledge: I passed the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators International Arbitration training pathway. This included training and being examined on contract and tort law, rules of evidence, international arbitration laws, international arbitration practice & procedure and award writing. I am a Fellow of CIArb. I am active as an Arbitrator and Drilling Expert Witness.
  • Diligence, organisation, technical competence: I worked as a Drilling Professional worldwide for 40 years. Some assignments involved overall responsibility for Exploration wells in very deep water and remote locations, costing over $1m/day. Success requires diligence, good organisation and high technical competence.
  • Case management: I take a case-dependent approach to running an arbitration. I have no bias towards civil or common law procedures. With my specialist knowledge I can quickly understand technical documents. I will not allow guerilla tactics to waste time and increase costs.
  • Experience: Between October 2016 and February 2024, I have completed over 100 appointments as Arbitrator and Drilling Expert Witness.

Professional background:

  1. I qualified as an Aeronautical Engineer in 1978, entered the Drilling industry in 1979. I started consulting in 1988, responsible for planning and drilling many wells worldwide.
  2. Three years spent in full time Drilling training. I’ve run workshops, carried out incident investigations.
  3. I qualified as a pilot in 1986 and gained multi-engine, instrument, night and aerobatics ratings. I act as a Drilling Expert Witness. I’m the Honorary Secretary of the Energy Arbitration Club (previously the Oil & Gas Arbitration Club). Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. Accredited Mediator.
  4. I have published two Drilling books , “Practical well planning and drilling manual” and “Drilling technology in non-technical language”.

I am vetted and accredited as an expert witness by the Academy of Experts.

Please contact me if you might need to appoint an Arbitrator, Mediator or Drilling Expert to arrange an interview or ask questions.

Thank you for considering me.

Steve Devereux
Arbitrator - Mediator - Drilling Expert.