Andrew Mackay

After qualifying, as a Mechanical Engineer, Andrew joined Halliburton Services in 1975 on their fast-track engineer-in-training programme.

Having completed this intense period in the UK and the USA Andrew was moved to Southern Ireland as Field Engineer. There he spent two years managing all services that Halliburton provided offshore and onshore.

Promoted to District Engineer in 1979 Andrew moved to Norway where he managed a team of Field Engineers responsible for all offshore services including large stimulation jobs.

Moving on from Halliburton to Saudi Aramco Andrew worked as a Senior Drilling Engineer in the onshore team and was responsible for the design and construction, testing and completion of many well types including the then new Shedgum deep HPHT gas wells.

From Saudi Arabia Andrew moved back to the UK to work for the UK Government’s Oil & Gas Division in London. Here his onshore and offshore legislative experience was defined along with exposure to all UK Operators and their well operations.

In September 1988 Andrew resigned from this role to work as a self-employed contractor. Almost immediately the Ocean Odyssey Incident occurred and he was asked to return to the Oil & Gas Division. This was not the plan but this led to the formation of ‘NRG’ which is now two companies – NRG Well Examination Ltd and NRG Well Management Ltd – which has been in existence for 30+ years.

Andrew has worked in all roles within NRG and has grown the company to where it is the leading well integrity / well examination company and also has full capability for the design and construction of wells.

Along the way Andrew has acted for a variety of Lawyers and Operators on Expert Witness cases including Macondo where he was part of the ‘Source Control’ team.


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